Month: April 2019

Heading home from Glass City

SuperVan 2.0 heads across western Pennsylvania…and we see this. No need for concern folks…we’re ok. Owning a SuperVan is known effective deterrent against Windmill Cancer. #shieldsup In case you are from the far future, and you have no idea what the hell is going in on the popular culture of April 2019…here’s a FAQ on Read More …

Toledo! Here we come!

Toledo! Going be rolling your way next weekend. Looking forward to seeing old friends and supporting a great cause! #pups With Benji Katz, Ben Titus, Jonathan Moody, Bruce Vermett, Steven Guerrero, and myself! #ghs #ghsstrings #ladybassgear #spector #warwick #gizmotron

New Ginger Bass Mafia rehearsal clip

This time the Gizmotron is at work with my black Spector Legend NT through a Morley Dual Bass wah. Tom Sapp is on drums/percussion and Chris Welborn is on a gorgeous 7 string Warwick bass. Catch us on 4/11 when we open for Soften The Glare. And…we’ve got a new banner graphic with the lineup! Read More …