And now for something entirely different…electronic tabla….

Someone just lent an electronic tabla to me. It’s proving to be big fun for writing and practicing odd time grooves. Normally, it’s a metronome to help Indian classical musicians train and practice. For me, it’s breaking up some writer’s block and stretching me into areas that I’ve wanted to explore.

I wrote a quick groove in 12 within a few minutes of getting started with this device. I mention that it runs on batteries as I discovered this while filming this clip. This will be useful when I need to be “portable” for events like Art Attack.

I wrote a groove in 10 and one in 7 right after recording this clip. It’s just fun. Gear; a Sangat electronic tabla, NSDesign CR5 Radius Bass with Kaliums strung E to C, Warwick BC80.

I’ll be sampling the hell out of this little unit before it goes home. And I just found a unit with a MIDI interface…useful for syncing with a loop pedal.

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