Headstone Circus Band Update…

Just a head’s up…and making this official…about a week ago I made it known that I have resigned as the bassist for the Headstone Circus Band.

I wish Bart and Mark the best of luck in all their endeavors. This started for me as a subbing gig, and I greatly appreciate that they called me to fill in. However, with full time teaching, being an entrepreneur, solo bass gigs and clinics coming up, calls to do musical productions, and a power trio….all in the works….I need the time to focus on completing my priority projects to a level that meets my standards.

Additionally, I recently had to take creative control of the documentary project….so, I’m learning video editing now as well. It’s a good time for growth…however, I can’t do everything. I’m going to focus on kicking out some of these projects in the near term. For now, it is best for me to part ways.

Thanks for the gigs guys! Best of luck to you both, and I’m sure we will jam again in the future.

With that, I’m signing off as the bassist for The Headstone Circus….

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