Pedal board rebuild

This seems to happen every 6 months…the pedalboard undergoes another evolutionary step. Or an experiment happens. Either way, it’s a good thing, ultimately. I’m sure this board will go on a diet (which we all know…those never last..LOL), or perhaps I’ll endeavor to put together a pair of travel boards at some point.



The signal chain is a bit unconventional here…but there’s a logic to it;

DOD 240 (for multiple basses to patch in)

Boss TU2

Boss OC-2

EHX Bass Soul Food modded with the JHS Bread and Butter mod (love, love, love)

Locustom Overbass Jr (sadly no longer in production…this pedal is KICKASS)

Ibanez TS9DX as a boost /more edge to the tone for the distortions when taking a solo

DOD FX62 stereo chorus (thank you Billy Wooten)

Seymour Duncan Vapor Trail (thank you J.B. Hope for turning me on to this VERY cool pedal…it’s now a favorite of mine)

Morley Dual Bass wah (thanks again to Billy Wooten)

This all runs out to a Boss RC2 and RC-300. I use the RC2 to run a loop independently of the RC300 so I can change patches on the RC300 seamlessly.

Then the Carl Martin Bass Drive (a big thank you to Chris Welborn), which is really being used to recover tone and warmth post the RC300. I’m using it more as a tube preamp than a drive pedal here.

There are a lot of donated pedals on this board…thanks to those folks who passed on pedals they didn’t want anymore. It’s appreciated.

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