Remote Pit Orchestras and How They Work – part 3

Part 3 takes us to an entirely different pit setup than in the two previous videos. The orchestra for this production is onstage, behind a prop wall and a black curtain. At the end of the production, both the prop wall and the curtain will fly upwards, revealing the whole orchestra to the audience. This has been a great visual effect, with a lot of “ooh” and “ahh” moments from the audience when the reveal happens.

Many thanks to Will Robinson for catching this pic of the end of the show.

Unlike the previous pit setup (reviewed in the “Hello Dolly” remote pit blog), it is worth mentioning that there are monitors of the music director onstage so that the actors can see him. These monitors are not noticeable in the audience’s view of the stage.

Obviously, we can’t see the action on the stage if there’s a wall between us and them. So here is how it all works…

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