The Better Side of Teaching…

This is one of the best parts of my job; pairing up donated gear with students. Aiden very recently started playing bass. She’s already a very talented cellist. However she came to the realization that playing bass will better serve her musical goals. And better yet….she wants to be a doubler so she can be versatile. So she’s gearing up for both electric and upright bass studies.

Aiden has a very supportive family. Her older sister (another former student of mine and one of Aiden’s mentors on cello) donated her own cello to Aiden’s cause. That allowed the parents to put the rental money for Aiden’s cello towards an upright bass. Now Aiden can continue on cello while learning double bass.

The universe then further supported her decision…these two speakers became available a few days after she made her decision known. One of my adult students donated these speakers so they could passed on to a younger player. He did that in the spirit of “paying it forward” for all the folks who supported him as he was coming up. Perfect timing.


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