More Adventures with the Gizmotron

Today’s Gizmotron/Lightwave report….

I wanted to use the “diesel truck coming for your soul sound” of the current Gizmotron setup in a track. I had already been searching for a sustained “alien war machine” type of sound. Mechanical, sustained, unsettled, intense, and authoritative. This just nailed it.

I don’t want to share the whole track yet as this is an original song still in process. But I don’t mind putting a teaser out so people can see an application for the Gizmotron/Lightwave combo.

By the way, the reason this particular bass was my first choice to get a Gizmotron is because it does not have a magnetic pickup. The Lightwave fretless shines in many areas, however my eBow is not the most effective tool with this bass (it is worth noting that some of the Lightwave models have a magnetic pickup installed). I also felt the fretless neck would be a great asset if I wanted to replicate string parts with the Gizmotron.

I’m doubling hits with the cello parts in the piece. 😈 Add a little spice to those strings. All the drones that you’ll hear are other Gizmotron tracks I had just recorded before I switched the camera on.

While I’m at it…huge thanks to Dave Hills (cello) and Oliver Kriska (violin) for being my partners in crime in bringing this track to life. This section is easy, but I wrote some very hard string parts for later on in this piece. They did a lot of work (and continue to do so) to bring this to life.

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