So, one of my 2019 goals is to make some of my string orchestra arrangements available online. I might also post some of my solo bass arrangements as well as time goes on. I’m kicking things off with “Geronimo”. This is a string orchestra arrangement of The Wedding of River Song, The Doctor Who Theme, and Doomsday.

This was originally written as a double bass/electric bass quintet piece for an orchestra camp. The next year, I had added more content (Doomsday) and then the completed piece was performed a cello/bass combined large ensemble.

This version is for string orchestra. I will probably edit the bass/cello version and upload that next.

Obviously, I don’t own the music…this is just my arrangement of these themes. Enjoy, and feedback is always welcome. You can find the music by clicking here or or go to and search “Geronimo – Doctor Who”.

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