Enter Anora…

Dear universe, you are simply showing off this month, and I thank you so much for it. Most importantly, I gratefully thank Christopher Cardone and Edo Castro. These gents made this moment possible.

Edo wrote me with this thought that resonated deeply; “…weird as it may sound…but it’s like handing someone maps of places they don’t share with many people. Only those who’d appreciate the “destination.” I get that deeply.

Edo and Chris, thank you for sharing a map to a rare, new place for me. I’m excited to explore and see what I can do with it. Tears of joy and gratitude were shed, replaced with smiles when this one spoke through my rig for the first time. #gratitude ❤️

Welcome to Virginia, Anora. I hope you will like it here.

I’m not giving up 6 string bass anytime soon (or 4, or 5 string bass). There’s just a new tool to co-create with.

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