Lady Bass Gear Update – May 9th, 2016

This is the last order I’ll get done before I head out the door. It turned out pretty nicely. (Yes, I’m making one for myself when I get back!)

Tony Mack, it will be in the mail shortly. Ben Titus, I have a feeling you’ll like the chain on this one.

I’ll be back in the jewelry studio on May 20th. The Etsy store re-opens on May 17th. I’m off to go play some shows and do a clinic in New York, New Jersey, and the Delaware.

In the meantime, THANK YOU and MUCH GRATITUDE to everyone who has supported Lady Bass Gear!

And as always, I send a grateful shout out to Michelle Greenwood of Greenwood Creations. She designs and creates the amazing bass clef themed woodburned pendants I use in some of these pieces. It really is a pleasure to see the tiny works of art she can put on these disks.

There’s a new listing on Etsy. No filters on these pics. Bocote doesn’t need any help like that. Lots of cool materials in the mix for this piece.

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