Who you REALLY are FAR surpasses who you think you are….

10/10/2016 – A long time ago, someone interviewed me about being a female bass player. I replied, “we’re all just spirits in bodies, I just happened to get this body.” I don’t think they quite expected that answer.

That being said, I’m really happy to see this video today. Just because society and well-intentioned parents tend to reinforce a flawed concept of labels and stereotyping from an early age…that fact doesn’t absolve each of us the responsibility to examine the concept and actively challenge it. Just because you were taught an idea at a young age doesn’t make it right…it just makes the concept easier to initially accept. But it does not absolve you of the responsibility to challenge it both for society’s betterment and for your own betterment.

There’s a great quote that nails this concept… I have it posted on my teaching website. “Who you really are FAR surpasses who you think you are and we stay or shoot for who we think we are. If you can destroy that of your own free will, you will find something much greater.” Spoken by Oteil Burbridge on the “Rising Low” DVD.

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