Photoshoot – 1/13/2017

Among a long list of tasks kicking off the new year; get some good promo pics for Warwick. The folks at Warwick have treated me really well. Early January is usually not so busy, so I scheduled a photo shoot for myself and fellow Warwick artist Chris Welborn.

That being said, many thanks to the multi-talented Chris Welborn for getting these great shots.

profile pic

Love the lighting in this one. Feels similar to the portraits of the Pre Raphaelite Women…just with a Warwick cab in the background. Very classy and classic. Thank you Chris.

Photoshoot 1 13 2017 Warwick

I was requested to channel my inner Catwoman. Yeah, Chris totally gets what my power animal is.

IMG_0677 - retouched

This one was a surprise to see among the photos. I had asked Chris to see if he could get a balance between sexy, smart, seductive, and powerful. Worse yet (for him), I’m certainly no trained model who does this for a living (hence a lot of blown shots on my laptop because I’m laughing at my own awkwardness). Chris had asked me to purse my lips like I was smoking a cigarette. In most cases, I simply ended up laughing after making the attempt for 30 seconds or so.

So it’s rare enough that Chris got this introvert to come out of her shell for the Batman/Catwoman feel in the tall boots picture. But then there’s this pic. Somewhere between pursing my lips trying to smoke another imaginary cigarette, and then releasing my lips from that position, he caught a great shot. Nope, I’m not trying to look smoldering…this is pure happenstance. I was most likely laughing 20 seconds after this pose happened. (You can imagine my surprise when this pic showed up in the group of image files!)

That being said, one of my heroes is Hedy Lamarr…I had mentioned that to Chris early in the shoot. I’d like to think perhaps I channeled my own flame haired variant of a seductive Hedy Lamarr feel in this shot.

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