Lady Bass Music News – 4/30/17 – Part 2

Part two of the previous blog post….thanks for staying with me to part 2. 🙂

Another new bass joined my cartage of instruments recently. MANY THANKS to Chris Willcox and LightWave for this beauty!

It arrived as a practice with my drummer was concluding. Man…after the unboxing, and a lot of “ooos and ahhhhss” from the folks who were here….yeah, straight back to jamming to see how the new bass would work out.

This is the Saber VL-5 fretless with the chambered body in the Transparent Amber finish. It’s strung with D’Addario Chromes on it right now. My Syme/LightWave 5 string fretless has needed maintenance for awhile, so this new Saber bass got me back into playing fretless regularly again. Man, have I missed it! And this is a seriously beautiful bass…props to Chris Willcox and the folks at LightWave for this bass. It’s a beauty! If you are interested in more about this bass, head to LightWave’s website for the lowdown.

I am really, REALLY hoping I’ll have some new content to release by the end of May from my trio and from Double Koru Rock Ensemble. DKRE did some recording, and I’m just waiting for those tracks to be mixed and completed. And my trio has also recorded a tune…again, waiting on that track to be mixed and completed. I am eager to see what shakes out from these two sessions.

I’m prototyping a new product for the Etsy store. It’s a bracelet made entirely out of repurposed ball ends from bass strings. So far, it has only needed three design changes. We’re getting there. Made some more tweaks today. You wouldn’t think it would be that hard to make a bracelet…but I really do try to make a product that holds up to a musician’s lifestyle…has to look good, be comfortable to allow movement, and be able to take the rough and tumble stuff if needed.

I’ve already had a bit of interest expressed in this product…which is great. Folks, please save me your used strings! I have a feeling I’m going to need a lot of ball ends from those strings. You can literally snip the ball end off and that’s all I need for this design. The only other intact string I repurpose right now is used B strings. Message me if you have strings that want a second life as jewelry.

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