The Ibanez Ashula Is Art Attacked!

Art Attack 2017 lives up to the name….art attacked my Ibanez Ashula and left it for the better. Dave Hills, Caroline Ayers and myself were performing, networking and socializing next to artist Maiven McKnight. (Video of some of that performance in an upcoming blog.) I liked Maiven’s work, so I invited her to use the back of my Ibanez Ashula as a canvas. This very unexpectedly drew a VERY large crowd of onlookers. SO…I left Maiven to do her magic, started to compose music for her to work by, and put my iPhone in the hands of Caroline to film the transformation of the bass. Maiven asked me …”what colors do you like?” We addressed taping up important areas on the bass (battery cover and the like), and I walked away, telling her I totally trust her to do her thing. After all, she had been practicing all day by this point, and she was creating some lovely stuff. 🙂

The video is compiled from a few clips; Maiven actually painting the bass and the process she used. Then there’s video of me seeing it for the first time when it was completed. (Thank goodness for looping pedals to keep the music going so the soundtrack could continue. And Dave kept on playing cello while I went to check out Maiven’s handiwork…thank you Dave!) The last clip was a short one I wanted of Maiven with the bass.

On Instagram she is @maivenmcknight

Many thanks to all my friends who watched and supported. And thanks to Maiven for being willing to work on this instrument…especially in front of a crowd!

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